What Is Killing So Many Trees?

How Many DEAD, DISEASED or OVERGROWN TREES are on your property?

The emerald ash borer (Agrilus Planipennis Fairmaire) is only ½” long. It is a metallic green beetle originally from Asia that can be found in every county in Pennsylvania since it started killing trees in 2007.  The larval stage of this beetle has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees already and is a serious threat to the remaining 308,000,000 trees in this state.

  • Larvae feed mostly on ash trees under the bark, killing them in 3-5 Years
  • The trees affected are: Pumpkin Ash, Green Ash, Black Ash, Blue Ash, and White Fringe Trees.
  • Signs and symptoms of the Emerald Ash Bore are:

Upper crown dieback, epicormic branching, bark splits, bark flaking, tissue damage resulting from woodpecker predation, and D & S – shaped markings

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