Tim and I are perfectionists in the type of services we offer. Although it is difficult to meet ‘all’ of the expectations from every customer, our mindset is to get our work done better than anyone else would have done so and at costs less than others.

We enjoy talking to and working with people. It’s a ‘people business.’ We have been told that many of our competitors are not very personable. That is not us. So, if you like great service with personable people, give us a try.


Tree & Shrub Removal

Dead, diseased, or overgrown trees can fall & cause damage on your property if not removed!

Stump Grinding

Over time, stumps will rot and attract pests & insects. Have them removed asap!

Yard Clean Up

Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall

Lawn Makeovers

Our lawn Makeovers will restore your yard to it’s green glory!


Clean debris from existing beds, re-edge areas around beds, deliver and lay mulch

Shrub Trimming

Trimming is suggested yearly. If too many years pass without it, shrubs may need to be removed.

Servicing Residential & Commercial properties.
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