Tree & Shrub Removal


Avoid potential damage caused by falling trees! It is essential to have any dead, diseased, or overgrown trees or shrubs cut and removed from the property in a timely manner. Waiting for them to come down unexpectedly can be dangerous and costly. Call Bryans Tree Removal for a complimentary quote to ensure you don’t overpay for this necessary service.

We will “Beat” any price from any Legitimate LLC Insured Tree Removal Company

Don’t Let This Happen


The costs of removing trees: There is no standard pricing that applies because each tree is different based on its location on the property, it’s size, and the health of each tree. Another factor involves the “debris.” Will it stay on the property? Do you want it hauled away?

Stump Grinding: This is a separate service we provide. Some homeowners decide to leave the stumps to save money.

How Many DEAD, DISEASED or OVERGROWN TREES are on your property – caused by these 2 Asian Insects?

The Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus Planipennis Fairmaire) is only ½” long. It is a metallic green beetle originally from Asia that can be found in every county in Pennsylvania since it started killing trees in 2007. The larval stage of this beetle has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees already and is a serious threat to the remaining 308,000,000 trees in this state.

This insect is being very destructive. The Spotted Lanternfly, which is from Asia entered the United States in 2012, eats trees, grapes, hops, vegetable plants, flowers, and almost any plant in their path. Although they do not bite or sting, they can swarm people, making it difficult to be outside in infested areas.